Play Poly Bridge Online

The world's greatest bridges were built with complicated engineering and technological marvels, so what's a builder to do with only a few bricks and a miserly budget? That's entirely up to you to decide when you play the latest in bridge puzzle-gaming, a new game called Poly Bridge.

Poly Bridge takes the concept of bridge building and plugs it into a Steam-powered game that can only be described as “the best bridge building game out there.” With only limited materials and a low budget, you're tasked with building a bridge strong enough to withstand an onslaught of afternoon traffic.


Title: Poly Bridge
Developer: Dry Cactus
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Bridge Builder, Indie, Simulation
Platforms: PC


You start off small: a few suspension rails, some concrete slabs, and maybe a support beam or two. You have to build a bridge to transport traffic across a ravine. The bridge must hold up until all traffic has crossed. Even one car plunging to its untimely demise is enough for failure. The trick is lining up all of the building elements so that the symmetry holds the bridge together. More challenging puzzles later on will test just how far symmetry can go, but for now all you have to worry about are the small things.

The physics of the game get quite complicated later on, and that's just how we like it. You have to account for weight, structure and force, all real elements that come into play when people build actual bridges. We're not saying this game is your one-way ticket to building your own Goldengate Bridge, but it has a sense of realism that makes it very appealing. This realism, however, doesn't apply for when you have to jump cars over the end of the bridge because you ran out of road.

You can get pretty wild with your creations if you want to. The ridiculous notion that you can bounce a big-wheeler off of a hot air balloon and land on the other side of an expansive ravine apparently doesn't matter in Poly Bridges. You can create whatever you please, and as long as the physics work out according to the game's version of reality, you're all set.


Just as the mad scientist has his laboratory, you, as a builder, have Poly Bridges. You'll get to watch your in-game building universe grow as the challenges become bigger and broader. Material upgrades and increasing budgets let you grow your reach (literally!), and the game's low-poly graphics make the game's aesthetics quite interesting. Poly Bridges is very different from your average puzzle game. It's easy to see why it's been such a success, and we highly recommend giving it a try if you're able. Let the bridge building begin!